25 March Monday

About Antik Cisterna


In 1984, during the foundation diggings of Antik Hotel, historical ruins have been found around 12 meters deep. Construction stopped immediately and a new digging started to save the ruins. Studies have been made by hsitorians and experts. The results stated that the ruins were from Late Rome and Early Bizantines, further studies showed that it was the ruins of a “Cistern”.

After this discovery construction plans have been changed my engineers in order to build Antik Cisterna in such a way that kept the historical ruins untouched in the heart of Istanbul.

All historical remains are displayed in the entrance of Antik Hotel.

According to the historians; During the 5th and 6th centuries, there were very important buildings that stood on the Mese Road (Divan Road) which starts from Hagia Sophia to Çemberlitaş, and pasing through Beyazıt to Aksaray. Antiochos and Lausos Palaces in Sultanahmet and Myrelaion Palace in Laleli are some examples to these buildings. Antik Cisterna is also one of these buildings from 4th and 5th century.



1500 yıllık tarihin izlerinde davet ve etkinlik...

2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkent’nin kalbi tarihi yarımada özel günlerinizi unutulmaz kılıyoruz.