20 February Wednesday

Welcome to Antik Cisterna

Antik CisternaIstanbul has been the capital city of 3 different empires and links the east and west as a bridge through the seas.

It is both Asian and European..

Can you imagine this city 1500 year ago?
It would be a great pleasure for us to host you among the marks of 4th and 5th centuries.

Either an elite and authentic dinner or a meeting point after work and maybe a place for special occasions. Would you like to slip through the crowd in a time machine and have a nice drink between the treasures of Istanbul??

Museum Restaurant Antik Cisterna offers special selections from cultural tastes and offers the World Cuisine with an open buffet menu in an ambience with special decorations.

The walls  have been decorated with the visuals of Antique era.While  foods and culture help you to witness history being in an extraordinary environment with your  friends will also make you feel special.


1500 yıllık tarihin izlerinde davet ve etkinlik...

2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkent’nin kalbi tarihi yarımada özel günlerinizi unutulmaz kılıyoruz.




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